16 Reasons It’s Okay to NOT Have Kids

Some people are not willing to develop the patience for them

  1. Some people are not willing to develop the patience for them

  2. Not everyone can afford to raise and invest in a kid like they need to

  3. Some people are not mentally, physically, or emotionally healthy enough to raise a kid of their own

  4. There are no cons to not having kids

  5. You can give more focus and attention to your personal needs and wants

  6. Not having kids allows you to give more attention to your career and dreams if that is your priority

  7. Some people are happier without kids

  8. Having kids does not complete every person’s life

  9. Having kids does not add happiness to every person’s life

  10. There are many people in the world who will have kids; there is not a shortage of kids in the world.

  11. Having kids will change your life for better or worse — depending on how you handle the responsibility

  12. Your only job in this world is to do the things make you happy (that don’t negatively impact others); having kids does not have to be one of these things.

  13. Procreation isn’t mandatory

  14. Life without kids can often be better for a lot of people

  15. You are entitled to making your own decisions about whether to have kids or not.

  16. Kids do not equal happiness for everyone, and this is okay.

Not having kids equals more freedom for many people.

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