20 Reasons Why Remote Work Is The Best Way To Go

#RemoteWorking #DigitalNomads

#RemoteWorking #DigitalNomads

  1. You decrease your chances of contracting coronavirus

  2. Save time from traveling to and from work

  3. Establish more meaningful relationships (contrary to belief)

  4. Have more autonomy over your schedule

  5. Decrease your stress levels

  6. Avoid office politics

  7. Avoid spending more time away from your family due to employee events that are not “mandatory”

  8. You get to use your own private bathroom

  9. When you feel sick enough to not go into the office, but not sick enough to not work, remote work is there for you

  10. You can hang out with your dogs all day

  11. You have more time to train a new puppy

  12. You don’t have to prepare a lunch to take to work or buy lunch

  13. Your clothing expenses can cease to exist

  14. It offers you the opportunity to work in a more comfortable environment

  15. You can control the thermostat

  16. Avoid getting sick from your sick co-workers

  17. Avoid scrambling for meeting rooms

  18. Control the noise levels of your environment

  19. Avoid time-wasting conversations that often occur in open office plans

  20. Be your own boss

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