Destiny S. Harris



by Destiny S. Harris

Like the birds in the sky

My hope is high

I will run towards you

No longer feeling blue

You saved my soul

Without an aim or goal

My spirit is healed

Our friendship is sealed

You’ve become the one

To lift the burden of a ton

I can breathe now

I can smile without an underneath frown


by Destiny S. Harris

My only regret was loving you

You chewed my heart out

You made me blue

I shouldn’t have let you in

But I didn’t foresee this kind of end

A waterfall drops

My feelings start and stop

There is no refuge

There was never refuge

Sadness stays

Happiness escapes

My life falls to pieces

My mind gapes

How did this happen

Where is the passion

The wrong feelings are felt

My heart whipped by a belt

I’m done

I can’t carry on

I’m too broken


by Destiny S. Harris

I don’t love you anymore

But I think of you

I don’t care for you anymore

but I dream of you

I don’t see you anymore

but I feel you

Who Am I?

by Destiny S. Harris

What do I love

What do I want

What makes me happy

What makes me feel

What makes me real

What are my dreams

What are my flaws

What are my death wishes

What are my demands

What are my goals

What are my hopes

What do i care for

What have i become

The Walking Dead

by Destiny S. Harris

Wrapped in a daze
I’ve lost count of the days
When did it all stop
Where did I get lost

Middle Child

by Destiny S. Harris

Left out is what I’m used to

You blame me for being better than you

Nah, that’s what you always had the claim to

Tell me the intro of the news

But fail to tell me what’s really happening with you

A facade is what I feel when we talk

I have to hold back to avoid being the talk

I say the truth that no one listens to

Everyone in denial is what I’ve adjusted to

Everyone whispering amongst themselves

Keeping me in the dark forgotten about high up on a shelf

— — —

No one ever cared

Took my life in my own hands

Betrayed, but still have love as numerous as the sand

— — —

Are you jealous

I can never tell

I hide myself to avoid always having to sell

Who looks best

It’s always show and tell


by Destiny S. Harris

I’m too afraid

To let you see

All the parts

Inside of me

Live Alive

by Destiny S. Harris

Fight your fears

Release your tears

Rev up your gears

Never give up your years

Don’t follow your peers


by Destiny S. Harris

I think how I feel

I feel how I think

I like what I see

But it’s hard to believe

Why do I think

The way I feel is wrong

Why can’t I see

That all is coming along

Tunneled Darkness

by Destiny S. Harris

Who do I trust in times so hard

Who can I trust in times like these

Where do I go

When I fall

Where do I go

When all is gone

Who is there for me

When I’m down

Who is there for me

When I’m not around


by Destiny S. Harris

I walk along the road…

And listen…

I hear the wind…

As the sun glistens…

As the sweat forms beneath my brow…

I look at all the beauty…


Sometimes I forget to look around

Sometimes all the gifts are muddied by sound

Sometimes I only see whats straight ahead

Sometimes I forget to look


by Destiny S. Harris

here i am

all of me

wondering why

you left thee

i thought i meant more

but i was just a sore

a wretched pain in the ass

whom you called whore

with how you treated me

why should i care

i never felt happy

i was only filled with fear


by Destiny S. Harris

My heart cries

Can’t sleep

Can’t watch the box

It’s empty

I’m detached

Can’t enjoy

I’m alone


by Destiny S. Harris

I work

I grind

I dine

I unwind


by Destiny S. Harris

I bleed inside

My body tells lies

My heart declines

I’m lost

Starry Winter

by Destiny S. Harris

My feet grow cold

January snow

My tea pot sings

My imagination has wings

A warm cup of ginger

Is all I remember

An incense blows

While my mind grows

I wrap my legs

around the pegs

The chair is my friend

I sit and enjoy the wind

A shower at night

To get it right

Turn off the light

And rest for the night

I love teaching

by Destiny S. Harris

An apple by my side

A cup of tea to match my stride

A pair of glasses for my eyes

I wonder what my brain is in size

I question logic with the pupil

I second guess if I’m capable

I forget who I am when I’m teaching

I let go of inhibition while I’m sleeping

I found a love I hold so dear

I keep it close, ever and always near

Spotless Mind

by Destiny S. Harris

Should I go

Should I stay

I thought I was grounded

I thought I was content

But a wanderer

Is never content

I breathe discovery

I live adventure

New places

New seasons

There is no ending


by Destiny S. Harris

I’m here

Right now

All of me

Take a bite

It’s all you’ll see

I’m Here

by Destiny S. Harris

When you fall

Hear my call

When you sleep

There is light at the end

What Do I Do?

Destiny S. Harris














Love Is Something

Destiny S. Harris

Love is something

Love can be gruesome

Love can be wholesome

Love can be destructive

Love can be building

Love can be healing

Love can be threatening

Love can be ruining

Love can bring cohesion

Love is something