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Relentlessly Pursue What Matters Most

“It is easy to let the outer workings of daily life sidetrack you on the way to your dreams. But stay focused. Remind yourself often of what matters most to you, and relentlessly pursue it.

What pursuits have you let go of because life simply got in the way? How can you reengage with these passions and interests?”

You Are Not For Everyone

“Fitting in is overrated. You are not for everyone; don’t strive to be.”

Happiness Takes Commitment

“Happiness takes dedication to not accepting anything less than. Happiness is not a state of euphoria but rather a state of wellness, peace, and innate love. Don’t look outside of yourself for it because what you will find will only be temporary. What makes you unhappy? What makes you happy? Commit to asking yourself these questions often.”

A Mantra For Having Faith

“I am loved. I am supported, and I am taken care of even when I don’t know how I am.”

Show Gratitude For All Things

“Have gratitude for things large and small every day. A gratitude practice reminds you how much you have, even alongside all you perceive to be lacking.

Be grateful that you have a warm bed to sleep in, that you are close enough to nature that you can touch and smell the grass, that clean water freely flows through your faucet, that you get to spend another day with loved ones, that you can see the world through your eyes, that you wake up each day.

What are you grateful for? How might your mindset shift if you wrote a daily gratitude list?”

This Is Self-Confidence

“When you believe in yourself, you don’t have to convince anyone else of your significance.”

How To Live A Good Life

“With each decision you make, you determine how you will live your life. Here are a few instructions to help you make wise decisions:

Love well.

Hold tight to your dreams.

Fall, fail, try again, then maybe one more time. Eventually, you get up.

Stand tall.

Stretch and grow.

Create and play.


Fall again. And again.

Use these instructions as a guide, or don’t. Make the conscious choice to live well, whatever that means to you.”

Destiny S. Harris is a writer, poet, entrepreneur, teacher, and techie who offers free books daily on amazon. Destiny obtained three degrees in political science, psychology, and women’s studies. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or @ destinyh.com

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