A Cure For Depression: Generosity

Ironically It Works

Generosity Is A Cure

One of the best medication-free ways to decrease depression is via generosity. The more you give [within limits], the more positive energy, blessings, healing, and love come floating your way. It's the natural order of the world. What you put into the universe must come back to you.

What goes in, comes out.

No Capacity To Give while Depressed

There is an argument that when a person is depressed, they might feel or have nothing to give, but there is always someone who can receive something good from someone — even when the someone is going through a dark trial.

Maybe you're grieving a loss, which is contributing to your depression. It seems unfathomable to give to anyone during a time like this, but you could offer to share your grief with someone else who is grieving. There are always unique ways to give within the confines of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain.

Different Ways To Be Generous

  • Providing shelter to the homeless

  • Feed the homeless

  • Have a movie night with someone who could use the company

  • Send positive words to someone going through a rough time

  • Send someone a care basket or flowers

  • Offer emotional support for a friend going through a divorce

  • Pay for a stranger's groceries

  • Volunteer for a positive and productive organization

  • Help someone on a project at work that's swamped in their personal life

  • Help someone learn a new tool at work

  • Watch someones kids or dogs so they can take a much-needed vacation

  • Send your significant other on a vacation

  • Send tailored affirmations to someone in need

  • Pay someone utility bills for the month

  • Go through your entire house and give away everything you don't use

  • [Insert another way of giving here]

Simple is best when it comes to giving. You don't have to give extravagantly. Give how you can, when you can, but often.

Most Of Us Don't Give Enough

And why should we? Culture, society, work, people, and life can seem to take so much there is nothing left to give to others — let alone ourselves. But I'm here to burst the bubble of the majority (non-givers): you probably could give more. Not in a way that hurts you, but in a way that benefits both you and the recipient(s).

The Final Way to Be Generous…

Is to love, forgive, appreciate, and accept yourself for who and all you are. One of the most selfish things you can do is not love yourself because you won't love others if you don't love yourself. Put out love into the world by putting love into yourself.

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