A Poem: Incomplete

Something’s missing — The journey of success

You finally have everything you wanted (or most everything).
You have the perfect relationship.
You have the perfect job.
You have a great income.
You have a badass car.
You have cool friends.
You have reached many of your goals.
You are doing what you love.
You are living out your dreams.
And most of your problems are trivial.
Your life isn’t completely flawless, but it’s close to it.

Yet, you feel like your soul is sinking.
You feel like you’re going to explode from misery.
You’re sad, and you don’t know why.
You don’t understand how the fu** you could be sad when you have all of this.
But even though things are going well, you still feel like you’re stuck in a fog.
Unclear of the reason behind your lack of fulfillment.
This is your everyday experience.
Something’s missing…

 Destiny S. Harris