About Me  Stories— Destiny S. Harris

I Published My 1st Book @ 11 Years Old

Hello there, everyone. My name is Destiny S. Harris, and I am elated to share some puzzle pieces of who I am with you. 

I’m a writer first, but I’m also a full-time techie and a part-time teacher. I come from a military family, but that’s not the complete reason I have lived on the west coast, east coast, and midwest — I blame my father for giving me his nomadic genes.

I used to like school, so I obtained three degrees in Political Science, Psychology, and Gender Studies. Just kidding, I obtained three degrees because I couldn’t decide what to do after I graduated, and I also wanted to create more options to make up for my indecision. 


I’ve been working in technology & product management for going on 9+ years. I’ve had the privilege to work for well-known companies like Apple and smaller-but-still awesome companies.

Product Management & Agile Development 

Product management is similar to writing; you constantly iterate to produce a better or new product or feature. A good writer never ceases to improve their craft and produce new and quality content; this is iterating.

Anyone who works in tech is most likely familiar with Agile. In the agile framework, there are often 2–4 week sprints of development, and at the end of these sprints, a working piece of software or product is produced by your development team. Every writer has a different production schedule, but agile is a useful framework to mimic.

  • Areas I Work: Product management, program management, project management


The first thing I taught was piano. I started my own music teaching business at the age of 14 after my parents encouraged me to monetize my affinity with music. I’ve always been passionate about teaching. The books and articles I publish provide another enjoyable avenue for me to teach.

  • Subjects I Teach: Product management, music (beginner-intermediate piano and beginner guitar), academic subjects, career and professional development, life management, health & fitness, personal finance, and self-publishing.


It all started back in 2004 when I published my first book called “Beauty Secrets for Girls.” Two years later, I published my second book called “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.” I was always fascinated with health and personal development; naturally, my first two books were on these two topics. The third book I published was “Level 1: Finance for Students.” This is the third topic (personal finance) with which I am fascinated.

My Parents

My mother had written a book right before I published my first book in 2004, and I wanted to write one, too. So I did. My parents were amply encouraging with my writing. At the beginning of my writing career, my mother helped me: get my books into book stores, book public speaking engagements, and sell books.

My father was also pivotal in my writing career; he helped me become aware of the amazon self-publishing platform, and from there, my writing career was reborn in 2016.

Before Amazon KDP

Before I learned about the Amazon self-publishing platform, I self-published paperbacks, wrote for ehow.com, teensforjc, journaled, and wrote music (I play the piano). Between 2007–2016, I did not publish any books, but I did teach music (piano and guitar).

What Do I Write?

I write on many things. I have so many thoughts stuffed into this brain, so I find it impossible to be a one-topic/genre writer; I never will be. I have too many interests — as you will see below — to stick to one thing:

  • Topics I Write About: Personal Development, Personal Finance, Affirmations, Self-Publishing, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Career, Health/Wellness, Detoxing, Fitness/Bodybuilding, Education, Dogs, Addiction, Beauty/Skin, Courses, New Thought/Philosophy, Feminism, Civil Rights, & Poetry

Where Do I Collect Content?

My content comes from everyone and everything I encounter. I never run out of content because every day of my life — including some of my dreams — is content. I even use “The Walking Dead” show as content. Many of my blogs are also lessons I learned from the day (I try to learn at least one thing daily).

I Use “The Walking Dead” As Inspiration For Fresh Content
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What Writing Does For Me

I find writing magical. It’s not only a form of expression; it’s a state of being. There is a writing zone where I find myself completely lost; those are the best moments with writing (no, it’s not always like this, so I cherish the many moments I do experience this).

Writing is a passion, a hobby, a job, an outlet, a form of expression, a dance, a creative activity, an escape, a craft, a savior, and a purpose. Writing is my way of giving back to the world. When I’m angry about something, I write. When I’m obsessed with something, I write. When I learn something, I write. When I hear a great story, I write. When I need to share knowledge, a lesson, or an experience, I write.

Random Fact: I love the planet Mars; it’s so captivating. As a kid, I was always in the library (even into adulthood), so I loaned a book on Mars and copied the whole book (every single word) with a pencil and notepad on a road trip. I loved to write. I always have.

Writing — Keep Me
#Poetry destinyharris.medium.com

My Publishing Journey

In 2004, I published my first book. In 2006, I published my second book. Between 2007–2015, I did not publish a SINGLE book. I did write some books that are now published; I also wrote a lot of poetry (which I threw away…sad face). In 2016, I published 2 more books. In 2017, I published 10 books. In 2018, I published 3 books. In 2019, I published 18 books. In 2020, I published 200+ books. The rest is herstory.

Giving Back

I utilize my voice, my words, and my thoughts to give back to the global community. A couple of years ago, I was trying to find a way to give back every day to society — outside of my blogs — and I finally came up with an idea: I would give free books away daily on amazon.

Free Books

Each day you will find free books when you visit my Free Amazon Book Page on various topics. Some days there will be a handful of free books available, and other days, you will lose count of the free books available.

It’s essential for me to give back positive words and vibes into the lives of many.

Outside of Writing

I’m a passionate fan of Jurassic Park, dogs, scenic views, travel, reading, piano, classic movies (TCM baby!), Food Network (Barefoot Contessa!), family, smoothies, cleanliness :), and fitness.

My Favorite Quote: Your Potential Self Is Infinite. — Yogi

Official Bio

Destiny S. Harris’ ultimate goal is to positively inspire, cultivate, elevate, and educate the minds of individuals across the globe through her writing and fit lifestyle.

With over 400+ books published to date, creating (whether it is books, articles, poetry, or music) has always been Destiny’s thing, not to mention health & fitness and all things entrepreneurial. Destiny published her first book, “Beauty Secrets for Girls,” at age 11, and her second book, “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late,” at age 12.

Destiny obtained three degrees from the University of Georgia in Psychology, Political Science, & Cultural Studies. She also started her own music teaching business at the age of 14, which she led for over ten years. In addition, she has been teaching academic, career, and personal development topics to thousands of students and readers since 2004.

Outside of writing, Destiny loves and enjoys a few other things: bodybuilding, reading, traveling, dogs, food, classic movies, anime, mountain and ocean views, plants, and nature.

Check out her work, leave a review, share your thoughts with your friends and family, and be a part of a movement: helping people learn and grow through means of self-education (books).

Grab your free books — Destiny S. Harris’ Free Amazon Book Page. Wanna keep in touch? Connect with me on Instagram @textdestiny, Facebook @textdestiny, or destinyh.com

What’s your story? Create it, write it, and share it with others; you never know who you might inspire.