Act, Be, & Feel As If Your Goal Was Accomplished

Be the Person Who Has Accomplished Your Goals

Be the Person Who Has Accomplished Your Goals

To accomplish what we strive for, we must position ourselves into that exact situation.

If you strive to be financially free, you must act as if you are already financially free. What do you imagine you will feel when you are financially free? Feel those feelings every single day all throughout the day.

If you strive to experience a happy and healthy relationship with your current partner, what does that look and feel like? Integrate those actions, thoughts, and feelings into your relationship today.

If you strive to be an excellent writer, what does that look and feel like? Be the excellent writer today by constantly improving your writing, and being the excellent writer you see yourself as.

If your current reality contradicts what you aim to achieve [fill in the blank], you must separate yourself from that reality and be, feel, and act as if you have already accomplished your goals.

In what ways should you be acting, feeling, and being right now?

What are the goals you aspire to achieve?

Are you walking the steps you would walk if your goal was accomplished?

Are you feeling the way you imagine to feel when you accomplish your goal?

Be the person that you intend to be.

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