Affirmations: When You Feel Low

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I know that low moments will come

I am okay with feeling low at times

I choose to look on the bright side

I do not try to force away my low feelings

I choose optimism

I am engaging in positive activities today

I am grateful for life

I am grateful I woke up today

I choose to live a life filled with gratitude

I choose to be content

I do not let my emotions run my life

I am aware of how I feel at each moment

Each day my best will be different

I accept my low moments

I accept my high moments

I choose to maintain a positive attitude

I choose to be my most optimistic self

I choose to love myself during low moments

I am kind to others during my low moments

I am loving to myself at every emotional phase

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Affirmation: I choose to be the most positive version of my past self today.

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