Sometimes A Very Beautiful Thing....

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Some anger derives from our own lack of willingness to change, grow, and better ourselves.

But some anger shows us precisely what we have been tolerating for too long. You will always know which type of anger you are experiencing when you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my anger due to my inability to grow and better myself?

  • Is my anger due to outside circumstances that I have been allowing to affect my life negatively?

Why type of anger have you been experiencing?

#1 If you are experiencing the first, what can you do today to improve your life? What can you do today to help you let go of some of the habits and harmful patterns of thinking you have been holding onto? What can you do today to cause a positive rift in your life?

#2 If you are experiencing the second, what and whom do you need to release from your life? Who do you need to communicate with to eradicate the anger you have been consistently dealing with? Maybe you need to establish boundaries with certain people. Perhaps you need to create boundaries with yourself. But you need to do something because if you don’t, your anger will continue to cook and boil over due to things you are allowing to impact your life negatively.

Either way, today is the day to take action. Something has to change because anger untouched, only leads to destruction internally and externally.

Start implementing the process of change now.

+ HIT that HEART!

Affirmation: I can only change me!
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