Are You You Feeling Negative?

Affirmations To Get You Back On A Positive Train Track

Have you been feeling negative lately? Do you feel your attitude is stuck in a sewer? Is everything coming out of your mouth garbage? In these positive affirmations, you will tackle the negative thoughts, words, and feelings you’re dealing with to help you experience a positive turnaround.

Don’t give up hope. Don’t lose faith. Negative and positive thinking are both habits that can be reversed. If you’re struggling with negative thinking, we can transform these thoughts into positive ones and create a new habit of positive thinking.

Negative Thinking

1. I am a positive thinker.

2. My mind is filled with positivity.

3. I let go of negative thoughts.

4. I avoid speaking negatively.

5. I invest my time in positive topics.

6. I intake healthy messages and media.

7. Negative circumstances do not defeat me.

8. I do not focus on the negative.

9. I proactively filter my thoughts.

10. I choose to focus on gratitude.


What negative thoughts do I need to let go?

Talking Too Much

1. I am in control of my words.

2. I practice self-discipline with what I say.

3. I am cautious of my words.

4. I do not overshare.

5. I do not possess a loose tongue.

6. The words I speak produce life.

7. I speak well of others.

8. I am mindful of how I word things to others.

9. I practice emotional intelligence daily.

10. My words are thoughtful.


Do I tend to talk too much?


1. When I focus on gratitude, I feel more positive.

2. Gratitude prevents a complacent life.

3. I take nothing and no one for granted.

4. I find more things to be grateful for each day.

5. I am thankful I got another day of life.

6. The universe and its inhabitants treat me swell.

7. My soul, spirit, mind, body, and heart are filled with gratitude.

8. I practice gratitude each day.

9. I never go a day without feeling grateful.

10. Gratitude helps me focus on the good.


What am I grateful for today?

Stand Guard of Your Mind

1. I choose the music I listen to carefully.

2. I do not watch negative news regularly.

3. I am a faithful steward of my mind.

4. I ingest positive forms of media.

5. I do not listen to or watch anything negative passively.

6. I am purposeful about the media I intake.

7. I have firm boundaries with what my mind ingests.

8. I stand guard of my heart and mind.

9. I do not allow others to infiltrate my thoughts negatively.

10. I control my thoughts, and I am careful of who I allow to influence my thoughts.


How often do I intake (e.g., listen, watch, etc.) negative music, news, entertainment, and other forms of media?


1. I am disciplined with my thoughts.

2. I practice self-discipline in how I think.

3. I am a disciplined speaker.

4. I do not blurt out whatever comes to my mind.

5. Self-discipline is one of my virtues.

6. I do not take breaks from implementing self-discipline in the way I do life.

7. I practice discipline in how I feel and how I respond to the way I feel.

8. I do not allow my emotions to rule my life.

9. I am in control of how I respond to both positive and negative circumstances.

10. I will not surrender myself to a life without discipline.


In what ways do I implement self-discipline into my life?

Destiny S. Harris is a writer, poet, entrepreneur, teacher, and techie who offers free books daily on amazon. Destiny obtained three degrees in political science, psychology, and women’s studies. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or @

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