Be A Leader

Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Destiny S. Harris

Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Leaders Are:

1. Decisive

2. Quick decision makers

3. Determined

4. Wise

5. Patient

6. Diligent

7. Focused

8. Goal-Oriented

9. Active Dreamers

10. Planners

11. Productive

12. Highly Skilled with time management

13. Experts at prioritizing

14. Resourceful

15. Humble

16. Courageous


1. Know how to get others to accomplish their goals

2. Know how to get people to work as a team

3. Know how to get people to follow them

4. Know how to influence people

5. Know how to handle ample responsibility and delegate responsibility when necessary

6. Know how to reach solutions

7. Know how to make the best decisions for themselves and others

8. Know themselves very well

9. Know when to speak and when to listen

10. Know how to make decisions independent of others’ thoughts and feelings

11. Know how to obtain knowledge they don’t have

Which of these characteristics do you possess? The more characteristics that you possess, the more likely you are living your life as a leader and not a follower. These two lists do not include every characteristic of a leader, but they do define some of the basics of what a leader is comprised of.

Being a leader is more rewarding than being a follower because a leader is in the driver seat of their life. A leader knows where they are going and where they are not going. A leader has purpose and does not let anyone come between them and their purpose. Many successful people are leaders because they engage in actions that no one else does; they do not subject themselves to a life of conformity. Leaders know how to take advantage of opportunities. Leaders know when to accept opportunities and when to decline opportunities because they know what is best for themselves. One thing that is consistent about leaders is the fact that they are excellent decision makers, and they know how to maximize a perceivably bad decision or outcome and make the most of it. Leaders are active dreamers; instead of thinking about their dreams, they are actively making progress towards accomplishing their dreams. They never settle for anything less than they intend to accomplish, and they always aim for the stars. Leaders dream big, and they believe they can accomplish anything they set their mind and heart to without a doubt. Leaders are confident and know how to work with people. Leaders choose their friends wisely and are careful about who they share information to and who they discuss their dreams with. Leaders carefully schedule their time out every day to ensure they use their time in the most productive manner.

Conducting your life as a leader will propel you towards your dreams faster than you ever imagined. The difference between a follower and a leader is that a leader lives a more successful, productive, and content life. Leaders do what they need to do without someone asking them to do it; they are responsible people. Followers do what everyone else does. Followers live mediocre lives and dream mediocre dreams, which they usually never accomplish. Followers waste so much time on things that have little value. Followers stay stagnant throughout life; they do not grow as much as they could. Leaders consistently invest in themselves with books, new knowledge, rich relationships, travel adventures, positive activities, enriching events and experiences, motivational materials, and informative conferences that will further their self-development. Leaders value themselves and their dreams. Leaders know their futures because they work to create it every single day. Leaders do not conform with the average person; leaders are constantly transforming themselves into better people. Which one are you: A leader or a follower? If you are a follower, this chapter conveys some characteristics and actions, you can take right now to put you on the right path to becoming the natural leader you were born to be.

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