Before the Day Ends, Do These 2 Things

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1. Tell someone you love them today.

2. Now, tell yourself, “I Love You”.

+ Hit that HEART!

NEW Release: My Emotional Journey (A Workbook)

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About the book.....

"My Emotional Journey" is a daily workbook with 365 stimulating questions you will ask and answer throughout the year to stay emotionally in tune with yourself.

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NEW Release - 100 Ways To Improve Your Mood

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About the book….

Feeling down? Feeling depressed? Need a mood boost? Implement 100+ DIFFERENT ideas to improve your mood.

*This books includes a 100-day journal and emotional wellness checker.

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NEW Release - Affirmations On Self-Care

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About the book….

Your health starts with you taking care of you: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, financially, relationally, and professionally.

Are you taking care of yourself in every aspect of your life, or are you taking care of everything and everyone else?

This interactive book focuses on elevating your self-value, deepening your level of self-love, and increasing the quality of care that you invest in you (the most critical person in your life).

Included in this book:
A 365 Day Self-Care Journal

Affirmations On Self-Care is Book #1 In the Self Care Affirmations Series:
Book #1 Affirmations On Self-Care
Book #2 Affirmations On Self-Care: Travel Size

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New Release: Self-Boosting Affirmations

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About the book….

Need a boost? Look no further. You have landed on the perfect book.

This activity book of repetitive affirmations will make you feel uncomfortable until you are comfortable, confident, bold, secure within yourself, and living your best life.

In this book, you will find 20 sets of repeatable affirmations.

Explore and SPEAK the affirmations out loud, looking at yourself in the mirror until you feel 100% comfortable doing so. Once you have mastered this, say these affirmations to yourself anywhere and throughout the day for maintenance.

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