Bigger Is Better

Get Outside of Your Mind

Destiny S. Harris



I can almost guarantee that about 90% (or more) of your dreams are not as big as they could be. For some, this is fine because this is all they desire, but others who refuse to think on a large-scale, because they do not believe bigger is possible for them, are choosing to live a limited lifestyle.

And why not think bigger? The world has more than enough to go around for everyone.

Myth: If you get more, someone else gets less. 

As Napoleon Hill states, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Repeat that statement to yourself at least five times. Ingrain this saying into your soul.

If you can think it, you can do it. “Nothing is impossible to her/him who believes.” So stop acting like things are impossible and out of reach for you to achieve and experience. Stop limiting your lifestyle, your mindset, your blessings, and your life experience.

Most people live a mundane and average lifestyle because they never challenge their thinking. When you make a conscious effort to be an actively extraordinary thinker, your results will be substantially different than what you have previously witnessed.


“Right Now” Challenge: Think about your goals and desires, and ask yourself, is this really what I want? If I could have, do, or be anything right now, what would it be?

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This book is written from my perspective, at the age of 13 years old. In this book, my goal is to encourage people to make their dreams a reality and to live their lives productively and on purpose. So many individuals have these big, beautiful, and unique dreams that they never do anything about, but all of these dreams are achievable if they are simply acted upon each day with faith that they can be accomplished.

This book doesn't end with accomplishing your dreams and goals though; this book offers advice on a multitude of subjects that will help you to be the successful leader you were born to be in every area of your life.

Make your biggest dreams your current reality! Nothing is impossible if you simply believe. ATTACK your goals, dreams, and ambitions starting right now!

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Goals are achieved when they are written down. This workbook serves you in providing a safe space to jot down all of your thoughts and goals; it also creates a reliable place for you to review and edit your goals throughout the year consistently.

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Go For It

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What are your dreams? What desires have been festering away like old memories? What are you doing on a daily basis about your dreams and desires? Do you have goals written down that you review on a consistent basis? Where do you currently invest most of your time? Is any of that time spent working on making your desires and dreams come to fruition?

This motivational and inspirational book is a wake-up call for all of those who are not living their best and most intentional life. This book is for all who could use a kick in the ass to get them moving forward in the right direction.

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