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freedom. , i cannot fight. so i will write. , Black Butterfly


A collection of poems on the fight for justice and freedom that so many black people seek, still, today. #freedom



Right before our eyes

I thought slavery was over

What happened to what we fought for

Racism is still going strong

Being black is still wrong

i cannot fight. so i will write.

This creative work encompasses nine collections of poems that entail the voices of those who have directly and indirectly experienced and suffered: discrimination, racism, hatred, injustice, bondage, police brutality, addictive and co-dependent relationships, and pain. #icannotfightsoiwillwrite


Use your power to tell your lies

Use your power to make them die

Use your power to kill their futures

Use your power to perpetuate the system

Black Butterfly

This collection of poems is tangibly raw describing the voices of Black women whose souls were beautiful, yet broken in spirit. Their songs--filled with pain--have been passed down through the generations into the hearts, bodies, and minds of their daughters. #blackbutterfly


I carry the weight of a thousand pounds

My rage is louder than a thousand sounds

My beautiful lips stay silent by day

My strength is a storm hidden away

My spirit is broken by my soul is alive

There is beauty in my blackness

I am a Black Butterfly.

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