These tears I cry

Destiny S. Harris

These tears I cry

Have felt some pain

In this cage

I’m pushed to insane

I barely stand

With thorough fear

Nail in my hands

Jesus are you here?

I see you pray

Through a crack

I can barely breathe

I’m in the sack

I can’t hide now

Privacy gone

I’m with myself

Feeling forlorn

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

Are you there?

Fighting for me

The air brushes your face

But I can’t breathe

You feel the wind

While I suffocate

When will I go

And where will I stay

Who will love me

And who will pray

Why did this happen

And how are you here

You’re always there

And you’re always near

The snow falls down

Like tears on my face

The snow falls down

Like my own condemned race

I’m losing it

I can’t go on

I’m dying inside

My cause is gone

Why am I here

There is nothing left

Why am I here

Today I wept

Help me help me

I’m drifting away

I’m no one now

On my knees I pray

This poem is from the new series: I cannot fight. so i will write. continued.. and inspired from the original book of poems.

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