Affirmations On Self-Care

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Breathing is good for me.

So I take moments to breathe throughout the day.

I breathe in and out slowly.

I am conscious of my breath.

I always come the breath.

Life is best lived in the present moment.

Staying in tune with the breath keeps me centered.

Maintaining awareness of my breath drops my stress.

I close my eyes, and breathe [do this now].

I stay still, and breathe [do this now].

Breathing is a natural habit for me.

I am grateful for life.

I am thankful for my breath.

I love to breathe.

I listen to and admire my breath [do this now].

My breath is filled with gratitude, peace, and love.

I am centered.

I am loved.

I am embodied with tranquility and serenity.

I am loved.

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