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Sugar Is Powerful

It's tasty. It's delectable. It's enticing. It's tempting. It's hard to stay away from.

Sugar is in everything we eat. It's even in the stuff that's not sweet. It's in our food. It's in our drinks. It's in our gum. It's in sauces. It's in seasonings. It's hard to get away from sugar. And companies don't want you to get away from sugar, which is why they put it in everything. They know that the more you consume sugar, the more likely you are to keep eating things with sugar ($$$) since it is so addicting.

Effects of Too Much Sugar

These are just a few of the effects that come with the intake of too much sugar; if you are struggling with getting away from sugar, you've probably dealt with some of these.

The effects of too much sugar are apparent:

1. Internal and external inflammation

2. Decrease in energy

3. Decline in quality of sleep

4. Increase in irritability

5. Potential increase in skin inflammation

6. Increase in weight gain

7. Increased risk of diabetes

8. Decrease in brain function

The Benefits of Sugar-Breaks

It's okay to eat sugar, but what's not okay is overeating sugar. Taking breaks from sugar intermittently throughout the year will help keep your body, mind, and health sharp.

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