Consumer Syndrome

At some point, most of us have ended up spending our money on things that have little to no value — without thinking twice about it…

At some point, most of us have ended up spending our money on things that have little to no value — without thinking twice about it. Mindless spending has become a societal pandemic, and all of the marketing strategies, advertising, and new things that are consistently being introduced to the market don’t make consuming less any easier.

I am not a strict minimalist, but I do appreciate the mindset. In reality, most of the things that are available to buy are unnecessary. It is okay to spend money on things for mere enjoyment and to fulfill your desires, but when consuming evolves into overconsuming, you compromise your financial health.

Note: How many hours do you figure you have worked in totality to earn the amount of money you have spent on things such as: unnecessary clothes, fast food and eating out, entertainment, and other extraneous (optional) buys? Have you ever calculated your spending in terms of the amount of time you worked to earn that money? By thinking about how you spend your money in terms of hours you work, it just may convert your thinking towards superfluous spending.

Tip: If you would like to see where your money goes, experiment with utilizing a finance application that logs down each transaction you incur (e.g. Mint, Every Dollar. Etc.). I use the Every Dollar (provide link) app, which I have found to be the most useful finance application I have used to date. Logging each and every transaction that I make helps ensure that I am exceptionally cognizant of every single penny I am spending and bringing in. Overtime, logging everything dollar that I spend and bring in has helped me decrease my spending in several areas; it has also helped me to save money and find ways to bring in more resources.

Consumer Syndrome Remedies:

Remedy 1: Budgeting

Remedy 2: Self-control

Remedy 3: Gratitude

Remedy 4: Don’t compare yourself to or compete with others

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