Continually Come Up With FRESH Ideas

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Ideas are free, and they can come to us at any moment.

For most of the world, ideas go straight down the drain. The ideas go unused, get forgotten, and become irrelevant. But for the inventors, creators, active-dreamers, and the like, well, we are living in a world they have created; their ideas have become our reality.

This is what happens when you put your ideas to use; they grow, evolve, flourish, and become a reality for not only you but for others.

Now many ideas you have will be okay. Other ideas you have will be good. Some ideas you have will be superb. Finally, there will be ideas you have that will be extraordinary.

How do we come across the extraordinary ideas?

Through staying in constant vibration with the law of attraction, feeling good, and dedicating time each day to write down new ideas. After a while, you will notice that ideas come to you throughout the day, right before you go to bed, in your sleep, etc. You will become overwhelmed with ideas, which is a beautiful problem to have.

Now, to make these ideas come to life, you must act on them. You can’t leave your ideas sitting on paper and resting in your head. You must put these ideas to work. This one repetitive action, will change your life.

In Summary:

  1. Make time each day to write down new ideas

  2. Put your ideas to work

  3. Actively and consistently work on your ideas

  4. Give every idea a chance

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