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It can seem pointless or irrational to continue investing during a recession, but like all recessions, they have an endpoint. Recessions do not last forever, and this is excellent news because it offers you a superb opportunity to buy more investments at much lower prices than you would generally pay.

In a recession, it is crucial to remember to stay the course to reach your financial destination. Continue to invest your money prudently, but also be sure that the percentage of your resources that you are investing makes sense for your budget.

Do you have extra resources to invest? Even if you only have $10-$100 to invest, this is more than good enough. It is better to start somewhere than nowhere.

Once the recession is over, you will notice that your investments significantly increase in value (bull market time) compared to what you paid for them previously. This is a good reminder that investing in a bear market (stock prices drop significantly) is a sound decision that will reap positive benefits for your present and future financial situation.

Don’t be scared to invest during a recession; in fact, this is one of the best times to be bold with your investing.

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