Coronavirus: Common Sense Knowledge & Tips

10 Tips

1. Wash Hands (Duh)

  • Before Eating

  • Before cooking

  • After touching raw meats

  • Coming home after going out in public

  • After working out

2. Avoid shaking hands or giving hugs to people not within your usual environment for now

3. Wipe Down Gym Equipment

  • Before usage

  • After usage

4. Wipe down grocery basket handles

  • Before usage

5. Don’t “super-overstock” on items because other people need some items too

  • Think of others, not only yourself

6. Avoid unnecessary travel — if possible

  • Avoid renting cars

  • Avoid flying on planes

  • Avoid public transportation

7. Take up new hobbies you can do @ home

  • If you are used to going out to do everything it is time to switch it up

  • For all introverted folks, kudos to you, your lifestyle might not change

8. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, just stay home — simple as that

  • Why put others at risk and potentially damper their immune systems or get them sick ???

9. Eat an overall healthy & clean diet

  • Take immune system herbs and supplements to give you that extra kick

  • Eat lots of fresh veggies

  • Avoid eating or drinking sugar in excess amounts

  • Take your multivitamin

10. Key Places/Events to Avoid Right Now:

  • Clubs

  • Malls

  • Movie Theaters

  • Public Restrooms

  • Playgrounds

  • Concerts

  • Conferences

  • Clubs

  • Churches

…..You get the gist

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