Corruption of Justice

Innocent until proven guilty needs to be remembered and adhered to in all cases.

In many on-going and past cases, the identities of “victims” are hidden or sealed, but the identities of the accused are often blatantly put into the spotlight-even if the accusations are false. One of the greatest fallacies of our judicial system is that not everyone in the system is honest. On top of that, the falsely accused often reap tainted reputations, financial loss, emotional loss, and career loss due to these false accusations. Yes, sometimes the falsely accused obtain reparations, but many do not.

Many of us want to believe that all district attorneys, judges, police officers, lawyers, and detectives are honest people who only want justice, but biases, racism, misuse of financial resources, and negligence are often rampant and very present in many cases-especially cases involving minority groups. Yes, there are many cases that are dealt with fairly, but there are so many that are not handled fair. In some cases, racism blatantly occurs and nobody does anything about it; unfair circumstances happen more often to those who are at a natural disadvantage than their white and/or upper-class counterparts.

Often times, many people in law enforcement and the judicial system simply want to put a person in jail or prison to make a name for themselves or obtain more money for their district, county, city, and state. Private and public incarcerating institutions are very profitable businesses. I am not implying that many people are only thrown in jail for profitability related reasons, but this is one reason why people are zealous to send people to jail/prison.

Of course, we can’t forget that the institutionalization of racial identities other than white is also a rampant issue-especially for black men; this is one new form of slavery, which is also an indirect form of hatred and fear. You would think after so many years of slavery that involved situations of: unnecessary punishment, familial destruction, inhumane torturing, hanging, rape, unlawful behavior, etc. that people would finally give African-Americans a break, but in today’s society we can see that this is not the case. Many African-Americans are being unnecessarily arrested, murdered, falsely accused, given unfair trials with negligent handling of their cases, and hurt because of the colorof their skin.

The right to a fair trial and case is an imperative freedom that should be afforded to EVERY American of EVERY race. Innocent until proven guilty needs to be remembered and adhered to in all cases. The news and media will often throw a person under the bus before finding out the actual facts of a case. We claim that a person has the right to a fair trial, yet we allow the media to taint audiences before a trial even occurs-which is complete bullshit. I learned to not judge those accused of wrongs before learning all the facts and before a trial has even begun. The media often doesn’t know all the information and factors of a case, and neither do we.

In order to change our society for better and to mitigate racism, we must first change ourselves. We must first love ourselves, and then others. We must first educate ourselves, and then others (if they are open to it). But we must always start with ourselves. Once we change ourselves, society will follow.

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