COVID-19 Guide (Pandemics 101)

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Quick-Book Reads

A Letter to All Affected by COVID-19

During this time, I encourage you to stay safe and engage in consistent self-care. Pandemics usually raise stress levels in individuals across the world. Take measures to ensure stress is not running the course of your life.

There are no words that can resolve loss, but for those who have lost loved ones, know you are not alone and that prayers go out to heal your hearts and souls. Stay strong and take care of the loved ones you have left (including yourself).


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Food to Buy

Maintain a two-week supply of food at all times. Be sure you have the following items on hand:

- Bottled water

- Frozen veggies

- Frozen fruits

- Dry beans

- Canned goods (non-perishables)

- Meat to freeze (if not vegan or vegetarian)

Streams of Income

- Never depend on one source of income

- Maintain at least 3+ different income sources

If you only have one source of income, this calls for the perfect time to get creative and add more streams of income.

Toilet Paper

Buy toilet paper in bulk if at all possible. In this way, you will not have to go back out for this specific item. It also saves money when you buy in bulk.

Best Toilet Paper Count Options:

- 90 count

- 80 count

- 45 count

- 36 count (minimum)


If you cannot find disinfectant wipes, use the following to keep your home clean. All options will help you reach the same goal [i.e., a clean and disinfected home, car, office, etc.] you are trying to achieve:

- Vinegar and water

- Bleach and water


Pandemics can often be uncharted territory with a lot of surprises. One surprise we all should avoid is a lack of financial preparation.

Save. Save. Save. Save. Save.


Now, more than ever is the time to be cautious of what you spend your money on.

Do you really need that new gadget?

Do you really need those new shoes?

Do you really need that new outfit?

Most likely, you don’t need any of this right now. Focus on priority items, and even with those items, be sure it is something essential, not something you make essential.


Have the following on hand at all times:

- Cold & Flu medication

- Multivitamins (e.g. Rainbow Light)

- Herbal Immune Supplements (w/o additives)


Be sure to get outside to experience fresh air and stress relief. During such a stressful time, it is essential to keep your body and immune system healthy and exercised.

Regularly engage in any of the following:

- Yoga

- Walking

- Stretching

- Bike riding

- Circuit training

- Deep breathing exercises


It is not surprising that many industries have been affected by COVID-19.

Hopefully, your job was not affected during this time — resulting in job loss, but if it was, let this serve as a wake-up call for you.

It is consequential to solidify income from a recession-proof source.

Is your current job or most recent job, recession-proof?

If not, it is time to start considering the addition of another job on top of the one you already have. Furthermore, it might be time to move into an entirely different and new field to ensure you avoid unnecessary job loss.

Future Reference

So many of us have had to learn the hard way during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us lost our jobs. Some of us have no savings in the bank. Some of us only buy enough toilet paper to last through a week. Some of us had no stored food in the freezer. The list goes on and on.

Here is a small list of tips that can help you avoid the mistakes that many of us have made during this pandemic:

- Always ensure you have a two-week supply of essentials on hand at all times

- Buy your body and beauty products in bulk (e.g., toothpaste, floss, face wash, lotions, creams, hand sanitizer, wipes, deodorant, feminine products, etc.)

- Buy toilet paper in bulk

- Buy disinfectant wipes in bulk

- Maintain a mild supply of canned goods

- Have a strong emergency fund (6–12 months of expenses) saved up at all times

I would say the last one is most important. If you are an individual that has a substantial emergency fund, you most likely have significantly less stress than many individuals at this time.

Social Distancing

Stay 6 feet away from others outside of the immediate group of people that you are with daily.

- Avoid groups, gatherings, conferences, clubs, dining in restaurants, and the like when you can.

It’s that simple.

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