Depression Is A Choice

Depression is real…nonetheless it is a choice.

Depression is real…nonetheless it is a choice.

How Is Depression A Choice?

The emotional states we choose to further invest our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and energy into are choices. It’s okay to feel depressed, but to be depressed and to act on that depression is something entirely different.

Each day you have a choice to make: You can either choose to experience a day filled with pessimism, hopelessness, criticism, victimization, and depressed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors OR You can choose to experience a day filled with hope, gratitude, contentment, love, kindness, and giving. The choice is yours. The choice is always yours. The choice will not always be an easy one to make, and sometimes you may give in, but know that if you “are depressed” you are choosing to be depressed.

Being (not feeling) depressed is just another way of not dealing with issues directly.

Suicide is real…nonetheless it is a choice.

How Is Suicide A Choice?

Because it is. Suicide is just one more way to escape facing and dealing with our issues. In fact, suicide is easier than facing all of our baggage, pain, hurts, regrets, and heavy emotions that we bury and never want to face. Suicide is based in fear. When people say that people who killed themselves are “weak”, it is not entirely false. It takes strength (even an ounce) to take a stand for your life and deal with your issues head on.

You may say, “it’s [depression/suicide] much deeper than that; it’s not that simple”, or “you don’t know a damn thing about depression or suicide”, but I do. There are so many people in this world — not even mentioning the people who are dear to us — who have struggled with depression and suicide. Thankfully the people I know who have struggled with these situations have been spared, and are actively facing their issues and monitoring their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Before you give into depression or suicide, ask yourself some of the following questions:

1. What am I choosing to not face (what am I trying to run away from)?

2. Am I being reasonable by succumbing to a state of depression?

3. Who can I call, go see, or talk to to get help and encouragement from right now?

4. What am I allowing to make me feel like my life is worth nothing?

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