Destiny S. Harris’ Library

October 2004

Destiny S. Harris

Destiny S. Harris’ Library

October 2004

Beauty Secrets for Girls (1st Ed.)

October 2006

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

October 2016

Level 1: Finance for Students

December 2016

The Culture of Beauty I: Elective Surgery, Cosmetics, & Health

January 2017

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late (2nd Edition)

February 2017

Beauty Secrets for Girls (2nd Edition)

February 2017

Travel Destiny

February 2017

The 4 Skin Ailments

February 2017

Destiny’s Foodie Diaries: Some of Us Live to Eat

May 2017

The Culture of Beauty II: Hair, Race, & Age

May 2017

The Culture of Beauty III: Body Image, Media, & Self-Love

August 2017

The Culture of Beauty: Complete Series I-III

August 2017

Nutrition & Fitness 101: Ageless Health

October 2017

Level 1: Finance For Women

January 2018

Mindful Seeds: Articles by Destiny S. Harris

February 2018

i cannot fight. so i will write.

September 2018

Health & Wellness 101

January 2019


February 2019

Wisdom for Young Women

March 2019

The 10 Thing Detox

April 2019

Situational Affirmations

April 2019

Bittr Poetry: Volume I

April 2019

31 Days of Encouragement for the Soul

May 2019

Black Butterfly

June 2019

Go For It

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Hot Pink Edition)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Minty Fresh)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Most Muscular)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Purple Heart)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Too Cool)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (UGA Bulldogs)

July 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Black Panther)

August 2019

Everyday Affirmations (Harley Davidson)

November 2019

Womanly Secrets

January 2020

A Road to Gratitude: A Daily Habit-Book

January 2020

Affirmations For: Depression

February 2020

200 Questions

May 2020

Woman Up

July 2020

3 6 5 Affirmations

September 2020

Corporate Poetry