At times, I have become obsessed with outcomes. “What will happen?” “What will not happen?” “What if (fill in the blank) happens?” As I…

At times, I have become obsessed with outcomes. “What will happen?” “What will not happen?” “What if (fill in the blank) happens?” As I continue to ponder and ruminate on outcomes I soon realize that I am literally wasting my time and life by letting my thoughts spiral with “what ifs”. Some of us may have experienced anxiety when we messaged someone, and they did not reply back on our preferred timeline. Many of us have applied for a job we really wanted, and we may have experienced anxiety while we were waiting to hear back. Others have become too involved with the issues of their romantic partners, friends, and family. Detachment helps you let go of outcomes, people, and situations. Detachment helps you to continue living your life independent from outcomes, and if you are an optimist then you will accept that you do not have ultimate control over life; hence, you will positively maximize every outcome that occurs in your life. Detachment helps you live peacefully instead of frantically and anxiously. Whenever you are anxious, this is your emotions way of telling you that you are out of balance and are too attached to potential outcomes. Worrying does not resolve situations or produce outcomes any quicker. Let go of everything that has a negative hold on you or that you are too attached to.

Let Go


Some people often try to force things to work in their relationships. Some of us try to keep holding all the pieces together. We try to keep fitting a piece of the puzzle in the wrong place. We try to rebirth pieces of relationships and people that have been lost and broken for years. There comes a time when our hearts, souls, minds, spirits, and bodies cannot take any more pain, resistance, nor effort. Once we reach this point in our lives we can finally let go. After we let go, we are then opening ourselves up to other beautiful blessings that have been waiting for us to give up what isn’t right for us anymore.

The Problems of Others

As we go through life, so do others. People that we are close to can often have an effect (positive or negative) on us. Sometimes when people are going through life situations, negative events, and are experiencing tribulation, we can easily get caught up into their life experiences (often inducing unnecessary stress upon ourselves). We forget that our life is separate from our friends and families lives. Yes, we can sympathize, empathize, and offer advice to the people we care most about; however, we do not need to become attached to the issues that others are experiencing in their own lives.

Addiction Example:

Even though it is tempting to try to help a person with an addiction, some of the most productive actions you can take is to not be an enabler for their addiction, support them, love them, and do not get attached to their addiction. You cannot stop or control another person’s addiction, you can only hope that they will eradicate their addiction themselves. We often get caught up in trying to do the work for other people, but we can only do the work for ourselves.

No one else can do our work for us.

Detachment gives you freedom to live your life independently from people and outcomes. You can start detaching from a person or situation that is currently in your life right now; this act of detaching may feel uncomfortable at first, but as time goes by you feel more free, lighter, less stress, and you will have more clarity within your own life. Detach today!

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