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Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Destiny S. Harris

Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Many people blame others for their current circumstances and mistakes they have made in the past, but realistically they are the only people responsible for their life situations. At the end of the day, we ultimately determine what we allow and do not allow to happen to us; we also determine our present and future circumstances. Once you decide to take full responsibility for your life, you will notice your life change in different ways (some more conspicuous than others). When someone takes full responsibility for their life, they have become aware of the fact that they are the sole creator of their life-experience. A person cannot control what life brings, but they can control how they respond to life. Everyone has experienced some sort of negative event in their lifetime, and there is nothing to do about past events except to move forward. As life goes on, so must we; we cannot let unfortunate past events negatively determine and affect our presents and futures. Taking responsibility for your life means you never make excuses for your current life based off your past. When you become the driver of your life, nothing can stop you from creating the life you truly want.

So much of our time is spent dreaming and thinking about our wants and desires instead of acting productively on them; this is a form of unproductive paralysis, and when we constantly remain in this state it becomes a habit which makes it more difficult to act. Well, it is time to act differently. It is time to act now. It is time to take one step everyday towards making your dreams your reality. Remember, we are the sole creators of our lives. We determine the outcomes and destinations of where we go and where we stay. Do not let other people, past circumstances, and current circumstances determine your destiny; we have complete control over our destiny. We create our destiny. We create our futures. You are powerful; you are more powerful than you probably realize.

Most people spend their lifetime helping other people achieve their dreams. They go to work every day and stay in the same position or have little ambition to get that much further than where they currently are. Whether a person works in the fast food industry, retail, or corporate, they are helping achieve the goals of the people who own the company or hold executive positions within the company. Every time you go to work you can do the following:

1. Help someone else achieve their goals (e.g. work for someone else all your life with little to no upward mobility in the company).

2. Help someone else achieve their goals while simultaneously achieving your goals (e.g. Help someone else achieve their goals by working for them while you consistently get promotions in the company and simultaneously work on your personal goals and dreams).

3. Spend all your time helping yourself achieve your goals (e.g. work only for yourself).

Do you want to achieve your dreams or someone else’s dreams? If you want to achieve your dreams, then the most important thing you can do is create a plan. If you decide to work for someone else understand that this option can be very advantageous if you take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Three things you can do when you work for someone else will leave you feeling grateful and better off than before you started:

1. Gain as much experience and knowledge as you can.

2. Make as many valuable connections as you can.

3. Constantly seek opportunities for: promotions, more responsibility, and further advancement.

“Many people treat their purpose as a hobby and their job as a way of life.” -Unknown

If you work for someone else, never forget about your dreams. Make sure you consistently make time to work on your dreams every single day, even if you don’t feel like it. You want to be selfish when it comes to your dreams; many people get so caught up into working for someone else that they forget about their own dreams and start to devalue their dreams, which inevitably lead to the demise of their dreams. Usually this happens because people get mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained from their full-time jobs, discouraged about life, and believe that their dreams are not worth investing much time in. To prevent this from happening, you must consistently feed your dreams. Dreams are like babies. Babies must be fed, nurtured, cared for, and given consistent attention; babies are not able to take care of themselves. Dreams cannot take care of themselves either; you must take care of your dreams by: nurturing them, giving them attention, and feeding them. How can you feed your dreams? By constantly reviewing the goals and the steps you have written down to make your dreams a reality. You can also feed your dreams and goals by consistently reading and listening to positive messages and motivational materials. Nurturing and caring for your dreams entails consistently working on your goals every single day. You should do at least one thing every day that is going to bring you one step closer to accomplishing your goals. Give your dreams the attention they deserve. You must value your dreams so much that you get to the point where no obligations, people, nor distractions can come between you and working on your dreams consistently. Once you get to this point, you are guaranteed to reach your goals.

The beautiful thing about working on your goals every day is you can track your progress easier. If something is not working or bringing about much progress as you’d like, you can make the necessary changes immediately. There are no negative ramifications to working on your goals and dreams every day. The only possible negative feeling that may result from working on your dreams every day is the feeling of regret from not working on your dreams every day from the beginning, but don’t let this potential feeling get in the way of your dreams and goals either! Act on your ideas and dreams right now. Stop thinking and start doing!

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