Embody Zen: Affirmations

Empower Your Spirit-Being

I am zen.
I am powerful.
I am at peace.
I am in control of how I respond to external events.
I am a master of my emotions.
I am grateful to be alive.
I practice stoicism habitually.
My mind, body, spirit, and soul are tranquil.
My heart is full of serenity.
My life is clarified.
I am in control.
Beauty surrounds my life.
Gratitude and patience are my virtues.
Life is overtaking my breath.
I breathe easily.
I sleep without worry.
Strength and confidence fill my body.
Outer circumstances do not negatively define me.
I embody zen.
I embody love.

Destiny S. Harris is a writer, poet, entrepreneur, teacher, and techie who offers free books daily on amazon. Destiny obtained three degrees in political science, psychology, and women’s studies. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or @ destinyh.com

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