Fears Are Wake-Up Calls (At Times)

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Sometimes our fears have no grounds to be in our thoughts, but sometimes our fears, visions, or worst nightmares serve as warnings and wake-up calls to what could be if we don’t implement the right actions — quickly.

Example — Fear: Losing Your Job 

Scenario 1: You fear not being able to support yourself in the case of a job loss because you don’t have any money saved up in your bank account.

Maybe you will lose your job, or perhaps you won’t, but if you start saving now, you can always be prepared in case a job loss happens. Because let’s face it, job security does not exist when you are working for someone else. If you have money in the bank, you will be less dependent and less fearful of losing your job. It’s amazing what money can do to your confidence even in dire circumstances.

Scenario 2: You fear your actions will catch up to you at work because you do shoddy work and skate by trying to do as little as possible, but enough to still get a paycheck. But in the back of your mind, you always wonder if anyone else is noticing because you fear you might lose your job. 

Wake up! Because your actions may catch up to you. Don’t take your job for granted, ever. And always be grateful — even if you don’t like your job — because your job is what is paying your bills.

Example — Fear: Never Having Enough Money

Scenario 1: You are worried that you will consistently struggle financially.

This fear may be present in your life because you have no financial boundaries in your life. You might also be dismissing your power to change your financial situation (e.g., applying to jobs, networking, updating your resume, adding more income streams, getting a new job, etc.). Furthermore, you may disrespect money by repeatedly misusing it, overspending, and never saving enough. 

Not only are you disrespectful to money, but you are also disrespectful to yourself because you do not have high self-worth. A person with high self-worth will never allow themselves to neglect their financial health. Self-care includes taking care of one’s finances.

If you’ve had this fear for a long time, you are comfortable: being in a disadvantaged financial position, reliant on others, and never having enough money. And this is so because you continue to stay in this predicament.

The fear of “Never Having Enough Money” is challening to shackle off, and many people never take consistent or impactful actions to truly change their financial situations. 

Remember, income is limitless; there is no cap on how much you can earn. There is only a cap on how much you can do when you are paralyzed with fear.

Example — Fear: Someone Breaking Into Your Home

Scenario 1: You always fret over how you would protect yourself in the case of a break-in.

This fear may be present in your life because you have no plan of action for how you would handle a break in. You also may have no weapons or items to use to guard yourself. Let this fear push you into action into formalizing a strong game plan to protect yourself and your family.

Example — Fear: Failed Relationship

Scenario 1: You worry your relationship might be over because you and your partner can’t agree on anything. You and your partner are constantly bickering, arguing, and finding things to complain about.

Instead, focus on the good of your partner. No partner is 100% perfect, and there will always be little annoyances that occur in every type of relationship. Get used to it and become more patient. Also, spend more time complimenting and affirming the good of your partner.

Scenario 2: You are concerned that you and your partner have lost interest in each other and will not be able to recover the love you once held dearest. 

Instead of taking action, you are stuck in the no-action mode

Instead of doing nothing, spend more time openly communicating your fears and investing more time into getting to know and understand each other better.

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