Find The Gift In The Dark

Outside of All The Earthly BS

Earthly BS

was telling my sister the other day, life on earth can be depressing — especially if you’re a believer in God. Because you know all of this is temporary, and we can’t rush to the finish line to avoid facing all the earthly bullsh**. We have to deal with it, for now.

But outside of the earthly BS, life can also be filled with much beauty, joy, and fulfillment; you’ve experienced moments of happiness, peace, and complete euphoria at least a few times in your life (hopefully more). Yet, life also brings moments of pain, destruction, depression, and hardship; often, it comes as a complete surprise, and you gotta just roll with it.

Dark Times

“Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

I know some of you are going through an inconveniencing situation right now, and maybe you feel like losing hope. But you must know, more inconvenience will be on its way in your life. That is a part of being a human being. Dark moments come, but we don’t have to let the dark moments suffocate us; we can find the gift in every moment of life.

What is the gift at this moment? Have you figured it out yet? If you haven’t, take a step back so you can see, gain perspective, and find the lesson of this moment.

Live—Fully—Through The Dark Times

Tony Robbins says we don’t have to wait to look back and laugh at the painful moments of life; we can get creative and find a way to laugh now. Life doesn’t have to weigh us down—especially in the dark moments. And we don’t have to wait for the dark moments to let up, so we can start living again. I know I’ve stopped living through some of the dark experiences I faced, and I wish I had kept on living life because the one thing I can’t get back is time, and neither can you.

Time is precious and invaluable. Maximize the use of your time, and remember how limited your time on this earth is. We won’t live forever on this earth; we all have a clock that keeps ticking. No one likes to say it out loud, but we are all inching closer to death from the time we come out of the womb.

What will you do with this time? And how will you handle dark moments in the future? We all have a choice to make; one choice is productive, and the other choice is unproductive.

There is already so much pain in the world. Find a reason to smile and laugh every day, or you will only find something to get angry, upset, and depressed about.

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