Find Your Why For Daily Life

When getting up is complete drudgery

It can be easy to forget the “why” behind why you go to work, earn a living, and do all the mundane things you do each day.

Whenever you wake up feeling low, dreading to go to work, dreading the day, and dreading everything else, remember your “why.”

If you don’t have a “why,” you can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Choose to continue your life as is without the low feeling

  2. Choose to find your “why,” make a new decision, and change your emotional and mental state for the better.

Life will always be filled with low moments and high moments, but having a “why” helps you get through the highs and the lows with balance, wisdom, purpose, grace, and gratitude.

Destiny S. Harris is a writer, poet, entrepreneur, teacher, and techie who offers free books daily on amazon. Follow her on Instagram & Facebook.

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