Focus On The Outcome You Desire

Worried that the good things will fall through ?

Worried that the good things will fall through ?

And most of the time, the problem doesn’t actually exist

If you’re feeling anxious and worried about something good that’s happened to you, falling through, why not instead focus on the outcome you are hoping for.

FINALLY, you get what you’ve always wanted, but now you’re scared to lose it. Maybe you don’t feel qualified enough, special enough, valued enough, or confident enough, who knows. BUT you’re definitely scared to lose this awesome thing that just took place in your life.

We forget something very important when we LET this happen:

We forget that we were good enough to have this great thing happen to us in the first place.

We are forgetting that if we are good enough to get this awesome opportunity, then we are good enough to continue having awesome things happen for us.

We are good enough for the next great thing that will happen to us and for us.

Stop defeating yourself by exercising limited thinking and negative forms of thinking.

Let the good come. Let the good stay. And know that you are completely worth it. Good doesn’t have to leave your life. Good doesn’t have to be a fake opportunity. Good doesn’t have to come with strings attached. Enjoy the good in your life. Appreciate the good in your life. Be comfortable with the good in your life.

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