Follow YOUR Path

Make your own decisions

Destiny S. Harris
  1. Make your own decisions

  2. Be the captain of your life

  3. Exercise assertiveness

  4. Think for yourself

  5. Love yourself

  6. Trust yourself

  7. Listen to your intuition

  8. Apply discernment and wisdom to your life where you see fit

  9. Lead your own life

  10. Take responsibility for your decisions

  11. Never put your life into someone else’s hands

  12. Do things you want to do

  13. Invest in relationships that add value to your life

  14. Surround yourself with people you love and enjoy

  15. Never subject yourself to be anyone’s doormat

  16. Do something because you want to not because someone told you to

  17. Work a job or career that you love

  18. Be you

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