Frustration can lead to one of two things:

Destiny S. Harris

Frustration can lead to one of two things:

1. More of the same

2. Taking action that brings about change

Real and absolute frustration is powerful because this type of frustration is the frustration that leads to action; it leads to the kind of action you take that may even surprise you.

You may have thought you could stay at the horrible job you are at a little longer until one day you either quit or apply to a job that you get an offer for quite quickly.

You may have thought you could work things out in an unhealthy relationship and finally up and leave.

You may have been dealing with back pain for years and finally set up an appointment that leads to complete mental, emotional, and physical transformation.

Are you going to continue being frustrated with more of the same?


Will you take your frustration and use that to fuel you into action?

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