Get Away From The Damn Phone

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Take a break from your phone today, even if it’s only for an hour. Many of us are so glued to technology, we forget to stay present, live our lives, have in-person conversations, and explore things in the physical world.

Get away from your phone today, and notice how you feel (e.g., jittery, relaxed, anxious, rejuvenated, peaceful, etc.)

  • The first goal is to feel more at peace.

  • The second goal is to realize that you are in charge of your life, not your phone.

  • The third goal is to set healthy boundaries in a technology-driven world.

Challenge: Take a moment, however long or short, away from your phone today.

Gradually start to increase the time you are away from your phone; this is a healthy form of self-discipline to implement in your life, and this act of self-discipline will disseminate into other areas of your life—it’s a win-win situation!

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The 10 Thing Detox

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About the Book….

The 10 Thing Detox can be integrated into your lifestyle at any point. If you feel your life is out of balance in any area or feel your life is balanced in every area, these 10 things can be used to guide you back to a life of balance and/or maintain and improve your balanced lifestyle.

Characteristic traits of numerous detoxes are that they often focus on dieting, but the 10 Thing Detox offers a holistic approach to ensure you experience a complete detox process.

The 10 Thing Detox:
1. Technology

2. Negativity

3. Relationships

4. Spending

5. Sugar

6. Meditation

7. Boundaries

8. Water

9. Vegetables

10. Sweating