Go Against the Grain

In The Race for Equality

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As a race, we have a responsibility to speak up for ourselves and others when we and our counterparts experience injustice, unfairness, and inequality.

Yes, not ruffling feathers and going with the grain can seem more productive at times, but is it really productive??? If we, as a race, never speak up and never speak out, what will we ever truly accomplish?

If we know someone who says something insensitive, ignorant, racist, etc. we need to have a voice instead of letting it slide and not getting involved. If we don’t step in, this only enables that person to know that this behavior is OKAY. Consequently, their behavior will most likely continue thereafter.

I do believe a part of the reason racism still exist in such extreme degrees as it does today, is because we haven’t spoken up and acted together on the matter as strongly as we are starting to now [not to discredit ANY of the efforts that have taken place to this point, because ALL of those efforts brought us to where we are today]. However, I do feel there was a lower level of awareness and sense of passivity, at least in my own life, and from what I witnessed in many others in the fight against racism looking back.

Everyone now has a way to vocalize their thoughts and ideas. There are so many platforms at our disposal. If anything, today is the day to broadcast our message out to the world and eradicate much of the racial injustice, racist opinions, racist views, and everything else racist that we continue to see on a daily basis.

We can speak NOW. So for some of us, instead of posting only about our businesses, comedic topics, selfies, etc., sometimes we need to utilize our platforms to promote racial justice so we can make the world a better place not only for us but our future generations.

Get comfortable going against the grain. If we do this, together, we will accomplish THAT MUCH MORE.

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