Gratitude Brings Light To You In Dark Times

Getting Through Tribulation

Let’s face it, we all experience situations in our lives at times that we wish we were not facing.

During these times, many of us feel: bleak, desolate, depressed, hopeless, uncertain, ungrateful, and pessimistic.

Somehow, though, we must foresee the silver lining; we must stop, breathe, and feel the warmth of the sun in the midst of the dark and rainy winter storm.

It’s not easy to see the other side or “good parts” of a situation; it’s often tough. It may even feel stupid to feel or act, hopefully. And it can be inconceivable to state and feel gratitude through tribulation.

Though being grateful is the hardest part when you are going through a dark season, it’s the one most sure thing that will save you, keep you sane, keep you leveled, and get you through the storm.

Gratitude brings light to you in dark times.

— Destiny S. Harris