Habits Are A Powerful Thing

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So powerful, in fact, that many of us forget:

Why we do things.


When we do things.

Habits are built, taught, and insidiously integrated into our daily lives.

  • Some of us learn habits by watching others

  • Some of us build habits purposefully.

  • Some of us allow behaviors to turn into habits that become who we are.

What habits are apart of your daily life today?

What do your thought patterns look like on a daily basis? What is your usual attitude on a given day? What is your usual diet (or maybe you have a habit of not having a diet)? Why do some people always fidget, bite themselves, or continue to move when they are sitting down? Why do some people always interrupt when others are speaking? Why do some people always seem to be running late? Why do some people unknowingly mismanage every hour of their days? Why do people continue to live above their means? Why do some people never learn how to manage their anger? Why do some people continually mismanage their health? 

All of the answers to these questions boil down to one thing: habits.

Habits are a powerful thing. 

You are where you are today because of your habits. 

If you understand this, then you will recognize how much power you have to overcome any circumstance or challenge that comes your way. You will also realize that you will always be where your habits are.

If your habits promote success, wealth, health, self-discipline, and wisdom, then your life will reflect that.

If your habits promote self-neglect, financial mismanagement, poor thinking habits, small-minded thinking, dependence on others, lack of focus, wasted time, and other unproductive habits, then your life will reflect that.

Call to Action: Take an inventory of your habits — and every action and thought you think on a given day — and reflect on which ones are not working to your advantage.

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