I Feel Like Sh*t, So I'm Gonna Make You Feel Like Sh*t, Too.

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I Feel Like Shit, So I'm Gonna Make You Feel Like Shit, Too!

How many of you have done this? You’re in a bad mood, so you indirectly (or directly) infect everyone else with your sour thoughts and feelings.

Stop doing this. It’s not worth it. I know first hand because I’ve been guilty of it. If you need to, go to a quiet place to gather yourself and work through whatever you are going through, but don’t steal joy from other people; doing this will ultimately hurt you.

If anything, when you’re feeling like shit, try to spread the opposite of what you are feeling to other people; taking this sort of action will spring you out of your foul mood quicker than you imagined.

Cheers to feeling like shit—because this feeling is inevitable—might as well create some good from it!




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