I Won’t Regret Not Going Skydiving On My Deathbed

SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Navigating What Matters Most To YOU

A friend said, “I guess I’ll go on a roller coaster at least one more time before I die.”

My Response

When you’re on your death bed, you probably won’t be thinking about no damn roller coaster. I went on to say, I won’t regret not going skydiving when I’m on my deathbed.


Why do we make ourselves do things we don’t even enjoy? Some people genuinely aren’t thrill-seekers, and you don’t need to be a thrill-seeker to experience a full life.

It’s Not About The Experiences @ End Of life

It’s not primarily about the experiences you relished during your lifetime when you’re on your death bed; it’s about the relationships you built and the people you surrounded yourself with.

I used to want to go skydiving, and maybe I still will one day, but I have no desire to do it for now. And I’m not going to feel left out or regretful because I didn’t go. There is more to life than acquiring lavish and epic experiences.

Activities and experiences aren’t more valuable than people. It’s the people that make life worth living.

Sayings We Often Hear

  • I should've done the sky-diving

  • I should’ve gone on that roller coaster

  • I should’ve gone ziplining

  • I should’ve taken that trip

  • I should’ve gone after that old flame

  • I should’ve bought that luxury vehicle

  • I should’ve eaten whatever I desired

  • I should’ve taken more shopping sprees

  • I should’ve lived to the fullest

  • I should’ve, should’ve, should’ve

But the truth is, if we truly wanted something or someone, we go after it.

Re-define What A Full Life Means For You

Something I often say is, “Question everything: because who we are is often someone else.”

Learn what a full life means for you.

A Few Examples:

  • Live life as a minimalist

  • Live closer to family

  • Build quality, meaningful, and open-honest relationships with others

  • Work in a career that adds value to the lives of others — including yourself

  • Spend your time on activities that add joy to your life

  • Eliminate responsibilities that add unnecessary stress to your life

  • Live within your financial means

  • Become financially independent outside of traditional careers

  • Give back to kids with cancer

  • Be involved with the AIDs education

  • Travel to specific destinations that resonate with you

  • Educate yourself on stoicism

What is it that is going to equate to a full life for you? Figure it out, and live life accordingly.

Avoid doing what the masses think equates to a full life, and decide for yourself.

So much of our lives are often spent doing what everyone else wants to do instead of asking ourselves, “What do I want to do?”

If I decide not to do the following before I die, I will be okay because that means I didn’t genuinely desire to do these things after all:

  • Go Sky-diving.

  • Live in Manhattan.

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