If You Aren’t Living

Stop waiting for a moment that may never come.

Stop waiting for a moment that may never come.

Go ahead and buy your dream car that you have always wanted (if you can afford it).

Travel to that one country that you have always imagined yourself visiting.

Learn the language that you have always wanted to speak, and don’t give up.

Go ahead and buy that new outfit that you can’t stop thinking about since you first saw it.

Go do something you have never done before.

Create a bucket list and check things off of it — often.

Eat that cupcake to celebrate you just being YOU.

Listen to your favorite song while you are at work.

Take a walk on your lunch break at work, and enjoy the sounds and feels of nature.

Dance in the mirror, while listening to a groovy song…and smile and laugh all at once.

Take a day trip to the beach.

Eat your favorite meal and SAVOR it.

Smell everything all around you.

Watch an inspirational movie followed by a comedy movie.

Take selfies.


Live and eat healthy–often.

Be someone you want to be around often.

Never get old.

Listen to the sounds all around you.

Be proud of your strengths and unashamed of your weaknesses.

Love yourself more each day.

Give frequently.

Celebrate yourself every day.

Be yourself every day.

Grow into a more positively developed person each day.

Be your best self each day.

All we ever will have is this moment.

The next moment, and the next moment after that are never promised to us.


Live right now.

Do the things you hope and dream about doing.

Be the best you can be.

And Don’t forget to LIVE.

Dedication: The most influential person in my life–My mother.

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