I'll Start Tomorrow....

How Many of Us Have Said That 365 Days In A Row?

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

Why not start today? Why not make that improvement today? Why do you have to keep waiting? Why do you have to keep starting over?

Why are so many of us addicted to inconsistent habits and mediocrity?

Maybe because it’s the most comfortable choice. I mean, humans do seek the path with the least resistance. And it makes sense. Why work harder? But this mentality is what prevents most people from living their BEST, most fulfilling, and most prosperous lives.

If you want different, be different by taking the most long-term rewarding path.

Whenever you think, feel, or start to say, “I’ll start tomorrow”, take it back and start now — even if the action you take is significantly small. That small action — that tiny mustard seed — is what will prosper and grow into a mighty tree of prosperity in your life.


Let’s do this thang.

+ HIT that HEART!

Affirmation: I choose to be my most positive self today.
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