Insanity Only Leads to Failure

A Lesson Learned From A Fly

Photo by Gabriel Manlake on Unsplash

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If you ever visit Texas, you will notice something for sure — everything is bigger — especially the flies. Since the flies are much bigger in Texas, I’ve been able to get rid of them more easily because they are much slower.

You would think flies would learn not to go to the same place they see their lovely friends visit death, which is the window; however, they continue to go to this area, which is my favorite trap to get rid of them. Once they are in the window, you just shut the blinds and BOOM…they are gone.

But I always ponder their insanity of parking on the window, when it only leads to death. This consistent behavior taught me a valuable lesson….

This kind of behavior [from the flies] reminds me of our own insanity as humans — many of us often keep making the same choices, day in and day out — expecting a different outcome, but the result is always the same.

To rise above mediocre decision-making, mediocre choices, mediocre consequences, mediocre relationships, mediocre health, mediocre thinking, mediocre living, mediocre jobs, and mediocre results, we need to learn how to make NEW decisions. Furthermore, we need to learn how to make wiser and more intelligent decisions.

Once we start doing this, we will witness our lives change in miraculous ways. 

Remember: Insanity only leads to failure.

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