Invest In YOU

Not Just With Physical Self-Care

Okay everyone, investing in yourself is not just about taking care of yourself physically.

You are like an ecosystem—made up of different components. If you neglect one part of the ecosystem, it will affect all of the other parts that make up the ecosystem; it’s a chain reaction.

When you think about your well-being, be sure to consider ALL factors:

  • Financial

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Sexual

  • Professional/Career

It’s nice to get yourself the new outfit, the spa treatment, and take the vacation, but are you investing in your financial, professional, and mental well-being? Usually, people do the most self-care and self-investment in the physical and emotional areas (e.g., therapy, self-care treatments, etc.).

How often do you read books? How often do you watch media to learn new facts and information? When is the last time you watched a webinar, got a certification, or attended a conference to learn new information? When is the last time you invested your own money into your dreams, business plan, etc.? Are you a consistent financial investor that is preparing for their economic future?

We can’t forget to take care of the other components of our lives; they are just as important as the physical and emotional areas.

Call to Action: I challenge you to look at every area of your life today and determine which areas are lacking in the self-care/investment department. Do you need a new job? Is your financial situation sh*tty? Are you stuck in your old patterns of thinking?

It’s time to elevate your ENTIRE life—not just parts of it. It is TIME to press the gas pedal and get moving in all of the areas you have been neglecting.

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