It's Time For Positive Recalibration

Affirmations & Incantations


Every week, every month, and every day offers us a fresh start to recalibrate our lives. Are we on track, or are we off track? Do our lifestyles, habits, and days align with where we desire to be?

Life tends to get us off-balance when we get caught up. Today, review your life, speak the following incantations, and re-align your daily actions to ensure you live out your destiny and actively create the reality you desire to experience.



  1. Opportunities and doors are opening up for me continually.

  2. I attract positive and encouraging people into my life.

  3. I will proactively make progress on my goals each day of this week.

  4. Good fortune follows me 24/7 Sunday - Saturday.

  5. I am removing negativity from my life today.

  6. Unproductive and negative relationships slip away from me gracefully.

  7. I choose to enjoy each day I am given.

  8. Life is a party for me, and I will maximize it.

  9. My thoughts determine my life. So, I choose to focus on positive thinking.

  10. I will not allow fear and unproductive habits to lead me astray.

  11. I am giving of my time, energy, and love to others.

  12. I choose to empower others daily.

  13. I am dedicated to personal development.

  14. If I want to change something, I take the first step and never stop.

  15. I am in charge of my destiny. Where do I want to go from here?

  16. I choose to love my life; so, I will make the necessary changes for alignment.

  17. Life and people treat me extraordinarily swell.

  18. Favor encapsulates my entire being.

  19. I elevate my lifestyle, thinking, knowledge, soul, and health daily.

  20. I never cease learning, and I actively implement productive knowledge.

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