Joy In the Simple


Destiny S. Harris

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

If you don’t already, take the time to experience joy in the simple things of life. Life is more meaningful when you enjoy not the big things, but the little things:

- The laugh of your partner.

- The beauty of the moon.

- The way you customize your house.

- The annoying things your pet does.

- The smile of a charming stranger.

- The colors in a rainbow.

- A beautiful storm.

- Having somewhere to go home.

- Having clothes to wear.

- Having someone care about you.

- Being able to help someone in need.

- Having food in your kitchen.

- Having a clean home.

- Being able to walk around.

- Being able to see.

- Being able to move your fingers.

- Being able to smell.

- Being able to taste.

- Being able to feel the touch of someone you love.

- Someone letting you know they’re thinking of you.

- Having a friend or family member to visit.

- The smell of the grass in the morning.

- Knowing you’re alive.

- Feeling alive.

- Watching a classic movie.

- Being able to wash your own dishes.

- Being able to wash yourself.

- Having clean water to bathe in.

- Looking at old photos.

- Loving yourself.

- Taking care of yourself.

Now, why don’t you name a few simple things of your own. & Remember to take joy in the simple things.

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