Just Voting Will Never Be Enough

At least for the Moment

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Everyone is always saying, "Vote, vote, vote," "Get out there and vote," and "Go vote," but where has voting got us? Granted, ample issues, disparities, and injustices have been mitigated (and even eradicated) due to voting, but hitting the polls has yet to eradicate systemic racism/injustice, eradicate the disproportionate incarceration of minorities, eradicate the financial disparities between black and white communities, and eradicate a vast array of other issues that widely affect the black community.

One party cannot change the world, and one person cannot change the world. It takes a village of people to change countries, laws, and systemic habits that negatively affect numerous people throughout the globe.

As we have witnessed from the protests that have been taking place, it appears these protests have brought about more change for our communities in comparison to what "capitol hill" has done for us.

We often underestimate how much power and influence we have as citizens and constituents of different government entities. It is safe to say that we forget we should be the checks and balances for the law. We need to hold those who claim to have power over us, accountable. If we don't, we will continue to see injustices happen to minority communities in daunting numbers.

But just voting is not enough, and I don't think it ever will be. There are insidious people, laws, and gates if you will that need to be removed from government and political offices and areas of power and privilege—completely, forever. The corrupt people in our government are like insects, they keep coming back. How can we get rid of them for good? Voting won’t simply be the answer.

And please remember, getting one person out of office, and another one in, is not a solution.

America's whole system was built on injustice and unfair actions taken against other communities (slavery of African-Americans and stealing from Native Americans). The unjust constitution, the unjust forms of oppression (police and incarceration), the unfair systemic racism/injustices that insidiously infect communities of color, need to be abolished, and then rebuilt, or history will continue to repeat itself. Just like we are seeing happen today, again.

What has really changed and what will really change if the system, we know today, is not destroyed?

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