Keeping Heart After Rejection

Losses can sting — especially from that which you so strongly desired.

Losses can sting — especially from that which you so strongly desired.

The defeat can pile up at times too…so far up that you get buried in the mud. During these times, it’s hard to see or think of the word victory. Depression, pessimism, and feelings of insecurity can set in — and this is OK. It’s okay to feel defeated, but don’t stop…don’t ever stop moving forward — even if that means you got to drag your own feet.

You got to keep going. You got to keep going because you have to demonstrate to the universe how much you really want it. It’s not supposed to always be easy. If it was, you would probably be weak, ungrateful, and get bored with life. It’s the adversity that fuels us to grow and get passed our idea of our own potential.

Keep the faith. Keep your heart full. Keep your confidence. Keep your determination. Keep your dream alive. Keep your eye on the target.