Knowing the Consequences But Proceeding Anyways Means You’re Okay With it


  1. Overeating when you are overweight, despite your strong desire to lose weight

  2. Eating more sugar than your body can handle knowing you will get sick

  3. Repeatedly getting drunk knowing you hate how your body responds

  4. Being mean, short, and curt to your partner when it provides no benefits

  5. Cheating on your partner expecting to never get caught

  6. Spending more money than you make

  7. Not saving for retirement and expecting things to take care of themselves (example: relying on social security)

  8. Not paying your bills on time expecting your credit to be fine

  9. Binge watching tv without taking care of your responsibilities

  10. Never disciplining your kids

  11. Working out but never stretching — knowing your body always feel stiff

  12. Never working out, but wishing you had more energy, strength, and stamina

  13. Never educating yourself and learning new things wondering why you’re still in the same place you were several years ago or longer

  14. Staying up late, never getting enough sleep, waking up just in time to barely make it to work in a “reasonable” amount of time, rushing to work, but still always being late to work

The list goes on. What are you accepting in your life right now that is detracting from your life?

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